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Cleaning Day8482 views
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Hunter, Grant, Joe & John - our field music1311 views
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At Plum Run1469 viewsOur company, in Plum Run below Cemetery Hill, where the First Minnesota bought the Army of the Potomac the few minutes it needed with their blood in the late afternoon of the second day of Gettysburg, losing about 80% dead and wounded. Photo courtesy of Rob Murray.
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Perryville 011348 viewsOur company with the western Brigade battalion at Perryville, 2002. Photographer unknown.
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Lt. Col Moffet & Capt. Beedle at bivouac2074 views
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The Neighbor\'s Dog Tents on a Cold Morning1246 viewsTaken October 5th, aat Perryville. Photographer unknown.
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Memorial Day1328 viewsOur company in the Memorial Day Parade, Cannon Falls. Photographer unknown.
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Home Sweet Home - no canvas!1472 views
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Stacking Arms after battalion drill2588 views
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Our Battalion ready for Dress Parade2320 views
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Memorial Day at Lakewood2152 viewsAnother view of members of the 1st and 2nd Minnesota Inf\'y and Battery I arriving at Memorial Day ceremonies at Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Apprximately 2200 Civil War vets are interred at Lakewood Cemetery, with about 75 from the 1st and 55 from the 2nd. Photo by Bede Willenbring.
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Antietam \'971384 viewsOur company is in the foreground. Antietam \'97, photo by Arn Kind.
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